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The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer, just like most smartphones, so it stands to reason that you can create what amounts to a home-brew cellphone out of a few store-bought electronics parts. That’s just what David Hunt did. By connecting a RaspPi to a GSM module, a small TFT screen, and a battery, he’s essentially created a the DIY-est of DIY cellphones.

The total cost for the project was $158 and that included $48 for the GSM module and $40 each for the Pi and a screen. He wrote his own phone interface and all the phone can do is make and receive calls, which is probably some privacy-lovers’ dream come true.

What’s most fascinating about the project is that it requires no soldering or any particularly strenuous electronics knowledge. Because it is made of off-the-shelf components, you could fit one of these together in less than an…

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I had been having continous backups failure on my sbs 2011 setup. The event viewer would list errors like ” The backup operation that started at “2014-xxxxx–xxx” has failed with the following error code “2155348254”.

My main issue was with the EFI Partition becuase I had chosen to do a full backup (with bare-metal recovery if i had to).

My immediate workaround was to have my backups going before i figured the full backup issue.

So this is what i did:

Step 1: Go to Start ->All Programs -> Administrative Tools ->Windows Server Backup

Step 2: Once that opens, on the right of the screen, select backup schedule

Step 3: Go through the setup again but this time select custom to change your backup.

Since the backup was failing on the EFI Partition, I removed it from the backup and saved changes.

BAckups have been running successful now.

My only problem is i cant do a bare metal recovery but im working on that. At least i got my backups running in the mean time.

The following is required before resetting the password:

Access to the front panel of the HP Surestore DLT library.
From the Home screen, press Main.
From Main, press Information.
From Information, press More.
From this menu, press Date and Time.
Write down the date (including year) and time.

The display shows a valid date and time
Do the following:

Press the left-most button (button 1). This button is not labeled. A warning message to call service will appear.
Press OK.
The Call Center must then calculate a special password based on the date and time, using the following formula:
(Hours * 1001) + (Days * 101) + Month + Year (all 4 digits) = subtotal
Multiply the subtotal by 123. If this multiplication results in a number greater than 99,999,999 (this should never happen), use the special password of 44122333.
Since the only valid choices are 1-4 for each digit, follow these rules:
If the digit=0 (zero), make the digit=1
If the digit=9, then make digit=1
If the digit>4, subtract 4 from the digit
If the digit does not meet any of the above, leave the digit unchanged. If the result is less than 8 digits, add leading 1s to make it eight digits in length.
NOTE: As an example, 2000 02/07 2:30 is displayed (February 7, 2000 at 2:30). Plugging in the numbers: (2 * 1001) + (7 * 101) + 2 + 2000 = 4711
4711 * 123 = 59453
Convert all digits to be between 1 and 4 = 131413
Add the leading 1s to make it eight digits long – 11131413
Enter this special code to the front panel.
Press OK. The screen will confirm that the password has been reset.
Set a new password.